Home Care

Bp | P | R | Wt | O2sat | EKG | Sounds | spiro | EEG | Ultrasound | cam-display-cpu $ | software $ | Wifi,Wimax, Edge, 3g, ethernet, pots| Company-Product- With Videoconferencing Wireless Sensors
and/or Gateways
y,y,y,y, AMD Telehealth : Carecompanion + Videophone no/no
y,y,y,y,y,y,y,y,n,n Bosch: Medvize Solutions and Health Buddy yes/possible
y,y,y,y,y,n,y,n,y,n Bayer Healthcare : Viterion’s Tele-Homecare System no/no
y,y,y,y,n,n,y,y,n,n, $4000,?,3g-pots American Telecare Inc. no/yes
y,y,y,y,y,n,n,n,n,n, $1200, $30/mo/pt, all Intel + GEHealth Guide PHS-6000 Telehealth Monitor - QuietCare + Continua Certified Devices yes/yes
y,y,y,y, Waldo Networks : Waldo Telehealth Monitor yes/yes
y,y,y,y, BL Healthcare: bluetooth devices to (Touchscreen Telehealth monitor or set-top box ) to server yes/no
y,y,y,y, ??????? $1000 , $30/mo/station, all Healthanywhere : fda bluetooth devices to any computer with Health Assist Software to server yes/yes
y,y,y,y, Medic4all /Telcomed Advanced Industries Ltd: bluetooth device to gateway to server yes/possible
y,y,y,y, Telemedcare : Clinical Monitoring unit no/yes
y,y,y,y, ReachCall : Telestroke management solution no/no
y,y,y,y, Phonoscope : PHN no/no
y,y,y,y, Interactive Care : Collaboration Room no/yes
y,y,y,y, Zydacron : BetaVista yes/yes
Company-Product- Without Videoconferencing
Aerotel Medical Systems no/no
Diversinet: cell phone to proprietary network no/yes
ExpressMD solutions: bluetooth device to Electronic Housecall Telehealth monitor yes/no
Cybernet Medical’s Medstar System no/no
Philips: VitalSense Telemetric Physiological Monitoring and Telestation yes/possible
Honeywell : Hommed Monitors no/yes
Carematix-Wireless BP, Pulse, Glucose,and Weight yes/possible
MedApps : bluetooth to proprietary cell phone to proprietary network yes/yes
Your Choice Living : Medical Home Platform
Polymap Wireless : Polytel System yes/no
RDSM : Wireless Patient Monitoring Platform yes/yes
Bodytel : Cell phone based diabetes management system yes/yes
Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitors no/possible
Sigma Telmed : outReach, bluescope, and heart@home yes/yes
Cardiocom’s weight and symptom monitor no/no
Televital Software Solutions possible/possible
Ineedmd : Physician’s Hand no/no
Lifewatch : Cardguard no/possible
Trunstall Healthcare :bluetooth Devices to Telehealth Monitor (PTSN,GSM,GPRS) yes/yes
DigiO2 :bluetooth devices to Care Pal Telehealth Monitor (pots, wifi, or ethernet)to Web yes/yes
t+Medical : bluetooth device to cell phone to webserver yes/yes
Delphi Medical Systems: Vitalpoint Telehealth Monitor (pots) no/no
Ideal Life Inc. : FDA bluetooth devices to Ideal Life Pod wireless gateway to web server. yes/yes
Cardinal Health : bluetooth peripherals to TeleAM telehealth monitor to web yes/yes
InfopiaUSA: Eocene systems device family
Biocomfort: proprietary ziggby RF medical devices to USB doggle on computer to web
ST+D Ltd : Wireless Vital Sign Platform : proprietary wireless to proprietary GSM cell phone to open network
Confidant Inc. :bluetooth to open cell phone to proprietary network
Fora Care Inc: wired device to Telehealth Gateway (ethernet and POTs) no/no
Avita Vital Sign Monitors–bluetoothed to Cell phone or Telehealth monitor
Pharos Innovations : Cell phone solutions via software no/yes

Android Cell phones/google health + bluetooth sensors

Microsoft:Windows Mobile Cell phone/healthvault + bluetooth sensors

Bluegiga bluetooth to bluetooth access point to open network yes/yes