Monitoring Devices

Mutiple Parameter Vital Sign Monitoring Solutions

Company-Product Hosting Cost/mo/patient Cost for unit Sensor(s) +/- Gateway Wireless Sensors and/or Gateways Care Setting(s)
Computerized-Screenings Kiosks no /possible
Lifeclinic Kiosks and Patient Monitors no/possible
Viterion’s Tele-Homecare System no/no
Cybernet Medical’s Medstar System no/no
Philips Homecare Monitors no/possible
Hommed Monitors no/yes
Sleep-Solution’s NovaSom QSG no/no
Wireless Body area Network Devices yes/yes
Carematix-Wireless BP, Pulse, Glucose,and Weight $10 $350 / $600 yes/possible
Wireless Implanted BP and pulse yes/possible
Health Hero’s Buddy no/no yes/possible
American Telecare Inc. no/no
Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitors no/possible
VivoMetrics : Lifeshirt no/possible
Medtronic : Cardiocom’s weight and symptom monitor no/no
Nexan Wireless EKG and Respiration yes/yes
Neuronal Correlate Sensors yes/yes
Surrogate Physical Sign Markers yes/yes
Televital Software Solutions License or Fee possible/possible
Ineedmd : Physician’s Hand no/no multiple

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